Iria Fukumune
Iria profile
Full name Fukumune Iria
Gender Female
Race Shinigami
Weapon/Element Flotty/Electricity
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Saphire

Iria Fukumune (福宗 イリア Fukumune Iria) is Lisara's rival Grim Reaper during her school years at Grimwald, and is also a famous pop idol in the human world. Despite being 2nd in the school (Lisara being 1st, ranked top of her class), she has the biggest bust size of the main cast (92.5cm - G-cup). However, her large breasts are revealed to be a result of infusing breast pads with magic, and her actual bust size is smaller than Lisara's. She wields a falchion named "Flotty" (フロッティ Furotti?), which she uses as an extension of her manipulation of electricity. She claims to be in love with Ryosuke, but it's likely that this is just a feint and can be reduced to her inclination towards competing with Lisara. She gains her source of energy from her fans' devotion to her.


Human Edit

Irias appearance in this form is highly desired by the men. With her well developed body and sense of fashion she has earned herself the title "Idol" among the men in this anime. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and doesn't mind showing off her body with some more revealing clothes. However, is it revealed in the anime that she alters her bust to be more desired and to "out preform" her rival.



Abilities Edit

Lightning Magic Edit

Shock and Awe: Her primary weapon is lightning magic wielded through her sword, Flotty which can be very powerful when she gets really serious to win a fight .

Technicolor Blade: Her primary weapon, Flotty, glows bright yellow when in use and the more bright yellow glows her weapon becomes more powerfull in the fight. But she needs a powerfull energy from someone that has a powerfull energy to gain more power during the fight as her bracelet shows how much power she has




Light NovelEdit


  • She is voiced by Misato Fukuen
  • In the anime, Iria is depicted to have a quirk for wearing multiple bras
  • She has the largest bust of the franchise