Lisara Restall
Lisara profile
Full name Lisara Restall
Gender Female
Race Shinigami [Death God also known as Grim Reaper]
Faction --
Level --
Weapon/Element Carnun Pladur/Fire
Hair color Red
Eye color Red

Lisara Restall (リサラ・レストール Risara Resutōru?) is a Grim Reaper who made a deal with Ryosuke and uses his perverted spirit for power. She wields a scythe called "Carnun Pladur" (カルヌーンプラデュール Karunūn Puradyūru?), which she employs to further her manipulation of fire. She used the hilt of the Broken Sword Gram (belonging to the Restall family) to form a contract with Ryosuke. She is the daughter of Almeia, and heir to the Restall Family. She is in love with Ryosuke Kaga but often tries to avoid expressing it, especially if people are around. She doesn't mind dating Ryosuke Kaga as seen in episode 9 or kissing him (last episode).


Lisara is a gorgeous young girl who has very long red hair that extends all the way down her hip, red eyes and a slender build. She is most commonly seen in either her school's uniform, or her collared, sleeveless white shirt, black skirt, and thigh-highs stockings. She usually wears a school uniform, but in battle, she wears a black tight robe that covers most of her body except her head, and arms.


When transformed she wears a black, tight robe with a cape that extends to the floor, with an accompanying pair of matching, thigh high length boots and gloves that extend the full length of her arm. Her head is adorned by a pair of black head-wings.


Lisara is described by Ryousuke as "cocky and condescending", but in a lovable way, and is known for having a strong sense of responsibility. She is straightforward, very fiery and somewhat aggressive, but has a heart of gold. In short, Lisara has the personality of a traditional tsundere.




Light NovelEdit


  • She is voiced by Aya Endo
  • She and Iria Fukumune grew up together