Mina Okura
Mina profile
Full name Okura Mina
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Purple

Mina Okura (大倉 美菜 Ōkura Mina?) is Ryosuke Kaga's childhood friend and currently the human with whom Quele Sellier has a contract. She gained big bust size early in her childhood, and is now a 92cm F-Cup. Though she knows of Ryosuke's perversion, it doesn't bother her. After finding out the truth about Lisara Restall's identity, she seems okay with it and lets Lisara continue her "business" with Ryosuke. To charge her energy for Quele, she talks about Ryosuke. She made a contract with Quele so she can help Ryosuke. She has very strong feelings for Ryosuke as he protected her a lot when she was younger and showed that he really cares about girls.

Appearance Edit

Okura Mina has a modest appearance which somewhat hides her more than desirable body. In the Anime it was revealed that her bust was 92 cm the same as the Idol Iria Fukumunes bust (Iria alters her breasts to this size.) Mina wears glasses over her purple eyes and has shoulder length brown hair with medium to long bangs. The glasses combined with her modest caring nature and gifted body gives off that innocent hot teacher feel


Mina is shy, soft-spoken, demure, and patient.





Light NovelEdit


  • She is voiced by Kaori Ishihara


Mina Okura with a red bikini
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Mina Okura with a purple bikini
Mina Okura with a black bikini
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