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  • Rururururururu

    Made a lot of progress on the main character pages but there's still much to be done in giving general synopsis for them, and too for the manga, and anime.

    As the title of this blog post suggests, I've decide to shift my focus on the wiki's main page and would too like to change the theme. For this, I need the wiki's sole existing admin, Tycio, to grant me admin permission. Hopefully you'll come by and see this post.

    Anyway, enough for now.

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  • Rururururururu


    July 29, 2013 by Rururururururu

    I've recently watched this show, and though I didn't enjoy some facets of the anime, the universe I did find engrossing. I was compelled to follow the manga and am now waiting eagerly for translations for the Light Novel so I'll no longer be confined to merely examing the accompanying images. Basically, in the past month I've obtained an interest in this franchise, and seeing the wiki's current state of affairs, or should I say lack thereof, I've taken it upon myself to give it an overhaul. I've only about a year's experience with wikia, but in the endeavor of making this a reputable source of knowledge on the franchise I'll still put forth a great deal of effort. Any fellow wikiers or anons interested in collaborating in this enterprise a…

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